Our primary funding from the Utah State Legislature and our home at Utah State University provides us with abundant resources to study wildfire and forest dynamics.


We strive to teach the next generation of natural resource specialists how to be responsible stewards of the land by mentoring both undergraduate and graduate students through their work at the Institute and in their studies.


We are looking to engage with and provide scientific support to local, state, and regional stakeholders, land managers, and policy makers to convert our knowledge of wildfire and forest dynamics into actionable management plans.

The Utah Forest Institute is characterizing the wildfire regimes in Utah

We seek to bring together scientists, stakeholders, land managers, and policy makers to improve wildfire outcomes by identifying areas where management can return wildfires from a societal threat to an ecological benefit

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Student Profile!

Learn about Sheven Andersen - one of our best Undergraduate Technical Analysts!

New Publication!

Large-diameter trees, snags, and deadwood in southern Utah, USA

2020 Field Season

Learn all about our first ever field season! The fires we visited, the data we collected, and the fun we had!

A Word From One of Our Own!

Undergraduate, Emily Liese, discusses what she learned from the UFI and how it will help her succeed.

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