Utah Fire Atlas

The Utah Fire Atlas (UFA) will be a publically available database of Utah fires and their burn severity attributes. Fires contained in the UFA burned from 1984 to present, occured in all of Utah's vegetation types, and include wildfires, prescribed fires, and wildland fire use. The UFA will never be "complete" as it will be continuously updated as we progress through time and more fires undoubtedly burn.

Like with any good science, it doesn't take place in a vacuum. The fires in the UFA were - and will continue to be - analyzed either by the Institute's Undergraduate Technical Analysts (fires 40 - 400 ha in size) or by the federal program, Monitoring Trends in Burn Severity (fires >400 ha in size).

The Utah Fire Atlas will not only increase the scientific understanding of wildfire in Utah but also spur the Institute's evolution into becoming a hub of resources and cutting-edge knowledge to engage with and provide scientific support to our collaborative parners, and guide collaborative decision-making in fire and forest health informed by best available science.

The Utah Fire Atlas in its current state - comprised of fires with their burn severity classifications. Dark green represents areas classified as unchanged, light green as low severity, yellow as moderate severity, and red as high severity.